Into The New

Into The New is a festival of cutting-edge performance undertaken each year by graduates from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. We have worked with Into The New for several years, producing the marketing and promotional elements for the festival. Along with producing the posters, festival passes, flyers, website graphics and point of sale, we were tasked with producing a bespoke document for the festival in 2017.

This festival is conceived, created, written and devised by the Contemporary Performance Practice students. These students have devoted the past four years exploring their own artistic practice and how it can best contribute towards positive social and environmental change in our world. Their work can be found in such a wide range of places - from theatres to prisons, from gritty streets to bucolic retreats. Wherever you find their work, it has a conscience and a meaning designed to hold a mirror up to us all of what we might not be seeing and of what the possibilities could be. It was the goal of the client to allow the students to share their work, or ‘ pass it on’ , in a more traditional sense as well as the modern channels of social media.

It was decided that this years design should be strong, bold and very contemporary in feel, the reason for this choice was to position the festival in a more visually contemporary space than it had previously occupied. The result was a contemporary piece, that was described by the client as “the best programme we have ever had for the festival”.