Hunter Community Health Centre

NHS Lanarkshire commissioned us to develop and Arts Strategy for 3 new health centres being built in Kilsyth, East Kilbride and Wishaw. The Hunter Community Health Centre was the last to be completed and the outcome, as described by the client, was a dynamic, accessible and diverse art intervention that has captivated the public and residents of Kilsyth.

The commissioning body’ s vision for the project was to create a welcoming family focused environment which engenders civic pride, promotes a sense of well-being and acknowledges creativity and the role it has to play in healing. We were tasked with producing a variety of high quality artworks throughout each site to be enjoyed and appreciated by each community. It was also a goal of the project to create a health promoting environment which recognises the contribution of good design and the arts to improving health and well-being. We worked in partnership with the artists, Rob Mulholland, Paula Thompson and Emily Chappell, to consider the project as a whole, balancing the purpose and functionality of the building with the needs of the users and also the needs of the wider community.